Our story starts back in the 90’s with the first polyurethane foaming. Our story continued from thermoforming all the way up to more dynamic thermoplastic moulding.

Many of our projects have been developed for large companies, distributed across the international market.

Betechno Srl

Betechno Srl began as a consulting industrial start-up. Focusing on the study and development of product material and its feasibility. Meticulous management of production lines has lead to an optimisation of production cycles, review and maintenance of foaming systems. In recent years our refined systems have produced a formulator of innovative environmentally sustainable polyurethane systems.

Thanks to the chemical process of glycolysis it is possible to re-obtain a percentage of the original polyoids formed in the moulding process, raw material that would otherwise be lost.


Glycolysis is a chemical operation in which long polyurethane molecules are broken down to their base short form, forcing a regeneration of the initial starting molecules. These shorter molecules are useful and can be reused for the production of polyurethane. A process that involves recycling the foamed byproduct material, that would otherwise be end of line production waste. Transforming this byproduct from a liquid to a solid state enables a reusable product at a 10% rate in pure materials, additionally seeing a much higher percentage with more rigid materials.

The combination of the Benapol system and glycolysis recycling is at the heart of our processes, enabling us to move ever closer to our aim of constantly reducing the use of fossil-derived products.

The Data

By replacing petrochemical elements with Bio fillers, our data shows that since we began operating in the market as a formulator, we have been able to prevent releasing a substantial amount of pollution into the environment. Calculated to be equal to about 50,000 pounds of crude oil, that’s 120 barrels of oil. 

All of our processes equate to a combined reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, from extraction and all relevant activities such as transformation, transport, refining and distribution. As well as the initial 30% reduction of greenhouse gases from the foaming process.

Sustainable materials


The primary mission at Betechno is to make our planet as sustainable as possible, in order to give future generations a better world. For this reason with great satisfaction and pride, our products have been included in the MATREC material library and our future products will continue to be logged. MATREC is a platform with a global vision, aimed at all those companies that, like us, propose or are constantly searching for environmentally sustainable materials.


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